Maine Find

When I was a little kid the family stayed at a local ship captain’s house inland of Kennbunk, Maine. It was on a “pond” the size of most mid-size lakes. Wood [...]

Hidden Golf

I was a late-comer to the game of golf. Not sure if you’ve ever played but beginning golfers are not pretty to look at. I was taken out the first time by [...]

Castles and Wine

Vacation in Portugal is an interesting experience. And I use that term loosely. A lot of poverty and run down towns and then you stumble upon a gem. We’d been travelling three [...]

Vintage Tee-shirts You can Actually Afford

Everyone wants a really cool vintage tee-shirts these days. But either they can be ridiculously expensive or pretty trashy. The other day I stumbled upon an amazing shop in Provincetown tucked away [...]

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