Travel in Bali

Bali is the Indonesian island known for beaches, relaxation, cheap cocktails and yoga retreats. If you are planning to go to this travel destination, you should know about the things you avoid doing when travelling in Bali!

  • Don’t just eat Western food 

You will find in Bali there is a LOT of western food you can eat. Of course, loads of people feel more comfortable eating food they are familiar with, but be adventurous and try some of the local cuisines, it is really beautiful food – and cheap!! 


Be Mindful

  • Don’t just go to Western restaurants

    Again, there are loads of western-style restaurants. But make sure you try some Balinese style restaurants. By the water in Kuta, they have some really cheap and really nice restaurants that serve only Balinese food! Did you come to explore a new culture right? 

  • Make sure you leave Kuta or Seminyak

    Loads of tourists go to Bali and stay in the Kuta and Seminyak area! It is beautiful and there are LOADS to do, but make sure you go off the beaten track! You can hire a driver for the day and they will take you to some amazing nearby places like Ubud and Uluwatu!

  • Don’t pat the wild animals 

    Whether it is a monkey in the monkey parks or a dog on the street, remember these are wild animals that could have diseases your country has never been exposed to. Avoid touching the animals at all costs.

  • Don’t go to unethical animal centres

    While we are discussing animals, make sure you also avoid going to any unethical animal centres. Places like the Bali Zoo seem to treat their animals with respect (as I am aware), but there are loads of animal centres that are not ethical and do not treat the animals right. Of course, they have to make money, but make sure you go to places you feel comfortable and you feel they treat their animals well! 

  • Not following the rules of the temples

    It is important you be respectful when in another country, always. If you are visiting a location that is sacred to that country, always follow the rules. In Bali, temples have rules and regulations, make sure you are respectful and follow them.

  • Don’t barter without compassion 

    Think about this one. The Balinese make a living from tourists buying from their store. Of course, bantering is acceptable and always encouraged. But when you are bartering, be compassionate. Remember, this is their livelihood.

  • Don’t litter or be disrespectful to the land 

    Surely this is a given, but Bali is known for having loads of rubbish on their streets and it is very sad to see! Play your part when you enter the country and put all of your litter in the bin! It can be easy to start following what everyone else does, but these places need to be protected, especially the ocean!

  • Don’t enter laneways or cross the road without looking 

    Always look! Motorbikes drive everywhere as a form of travel in Bali. Always walk with your eyes up and be wary of oncoming traffic, and traffic behind you too.

  • Don’t get caught up in illegal activity 

    Surely we don’t need to tell you this, BUT in Bali penalties for possessions of drugs and other illegal things are taken VERY seriously. Just Google it and you will know what we mean!


Final Thoughts

Bali is a beautiful and cheap holiday destination, but of course, just because it is cheap, doesn’t mean we have to treat it in a cheap manner! Make sure you add travel in Bali to your list! 

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