Where to find inspiration for your future home

Believe it or not– since the start of 2020 and according to search volume trends, dream house planning has increased by over 600% compared to the same time period in 2019. So if you’ve been spending time lately thinking about where you want to live, how you want to live, and in what ways you’re going to decorate your future living space, you’re not alone. 

Above many other things, daydreaming about the future has become a significantly larger pastime due to the current pandemic. Optimistically planning for your future is a great way to stay productive and focused during all the extra time you’re spending at home, and you may even find that it’s naturally stress-reducing. 

In theory, envisioning your future dream home sounds easy. But it can actually be quite confusing if you aren’t sure where to begin. 

Dream House

So to help you out, here are my top 4 tools for dream house planning, that’ll continue to be useful throughout the whole process.

1. Real Estate Sightseeing

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Personally viewing the exteriors of gorgeous homes and finding ways to take interior tours are the most tangible, realistic ways to get started on future home planning. This is especially useful if you’re able to tour homes in the area you actually intend to live in, as you’ll gain a better understanding of regional architecture and constructional norms.

There’s nothing quite like seeing a home in person and actually experiencing what it would feel like to occupy a space that’s as equally unfamiliar as it is breathtaking. If you’re over 18, it’s pretty easy to tour free open houses. 

And dreamers of all ages can take advantage of the “Parade of Homes”; a branded showcase of new and remodeled homes held in several regions throughout the United States. Alternatively known as the Tour of Homes in some locales.

2. Furniture Stores (IKEA, I’m looking at you)

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That’s right; there’s nothing wrong with going into a furniture store and having no intention of buying anything (at least not now anyway). It’s kinda like window shopping… just inside the store. 

While not all furniture stores set up viewing areas for interior design inspiration, I know for a fact that IKEA does. Some Rooms-To-Go supercenters also showcase interior design setups, and Conforama offers a very similar experience for residents in Europe.

Trust me when I say you’ll find some of the most gorgeous setups in stores since it’s their literal job is to make customers feel like they simply cannot live without the items. And hey, if you find that the best way to turn your dream home plans into a reality is through purchasing products sooner rather than later, then, by all means, get started.

3. Social Media

Pingster, Pinterest, and Tumblr are must-haves for decor niche inspiration. If there’s one thing that other social media networks show way too much of– it’d have to be selfies. And you don’t need the clutter of faces and memes slowing down your plans; posts which are all too familiar on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Pinterest and Tumblr are both search-based so you can focus on images and posts that actually matter to you. Which in this case would be homes. Pingster can also be a great social tool for garnering inspiration for your future dream home.

Since Pingster is the only social network that’s entirely location-based and travel-focused, almost all the photos on the platform are of locations, and consequently provide ideas for both interior and exterior design. 

You can even search within the app for a specific city, state, or country, and instantly view images posted by other users that reflect what it’d be like to live there. Plus you can also take photos of any home inspiration that you personally find and save them in all within Pingster’s virtual scrapbook feature. 

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4. Magazines

I know I just went full-blown 2000s and early 2010s on you, but magazines actually still have some relevance. And if you’re a bit of a device addict like myself, then you can totally read the digital formats that almost all magazines are also published in.

 Homestyle magazines share photos of some of the most professional, gorgeous, and theme-based rooms that you’ll ever see. Typically you’ll find boho, rustic, contemporary, farm-style, minimalist, and more themed rooms displayed. 

Along with an assortment of:

  • kids’ rooms
  • offices
  • living rooms
  • guest rooms
  • bathrooms
  • dining rooms
  • kitchens
  • & bedrooms

Similar to furniture stores, magazines also typically offer the opportunity to actually purchase the products you see, as the name, company, and price are typically listed alongside the photo. Some Home Magazines worth checking out include:

  • Real Simple
  • House Beautiful
  • Better Homes & Gardens
  • Southern Living
  • Architectural Digest

Final Thoughts

So ready to start planning out your future home? Which, with any luck, will be identical to your dream home? Heck yeah, you are.

Now that you know the tools available to you, you can start collecting photos, writing down new ideas, and exploring the world of homes already out there. It’ll be fun, and you and me both will on our separate quests together.

Though the photos I share on Pingster aren’t always of homes, they’re always photos that I genuinely believe someone could squeeze a bit of inspiration out of. And since us dream home planners need to stick together, I hope to see you over there sharing pics of your own local inspiration. Consider it the first step in your journey.

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