Small business success in a shaky economy

So you own a small business, huh? I’m right there with you. I don’t think any of us were ready for the curve ball 2020 threw at businesses everywhere.

If your business’ performance didn’t get hurt, then you must own Amazon. The rest of us are most likely in need of some damage control. Unless you live under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard of all the businesses declaring bankruptcy and closing down

Even major retailers like GNC, Pier 1 Imports, Lord & Taylor and many more were forced to close down stores. And according to the latest estimate from Coresight Research, as many as 25,000 stores could shut down permanently in 2020.

Are you vulnerable? Speaking from personal experience, you don’t have to be.  We at Pingster are trying to help businesses around the world and here are some additional marketing tips for your small business.

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4 pro tips for saving your small business

  • Prioritize relevancy (Keep up with trends!)

In case I need to say it again for the people in the back, your business has to be and stay relevant. The products or services you’re offering have to bring value to buyers, even as consumer trends change. 

The trends observed in 2020 were, for the most part, unexpected. Nobody knew a pandemic was coming and nobody knew how either society or the economy would react to it. 

Sure, there are the seasonal trends that most businesses take note of. “Summer fun”, back-to-school, gardening, and a few other annual patterns. 

But even the most cookie cutter of trends had to be approached differently when the world went… well, home

Instead of advertising

  • Summer fun,” businesses had to advertise; “Social-distancing friendly Summer fun.”

  • “back-to-school”;  focused on “remote back-to-school”.

If at some point during these past couple of months, you haven’t found yourself adjusting your advertising strategies to prioritize societal needs at the time of promotion, then I’ve got bad news. You haven’t been prioritizing relevancy and you’ve been hurting your sales.

Staying relevant is definitely easier for certain industries. However, there are always ways to bend a business in order to stay aligned with current trends.

Now don’t get me wrong here. Staying relevant is not the same as making sales. Any business within the travel, lodging, or transporting industry is going to suffer until this pandemic is over. But how hard they suffer is mostly up to how hard they work to stay relevant. 

Finding ways to offer entirely new services is the best bet for most dying businesses, but building consumer anticipation is well worth the effort. Building brand awareness now leads to profit later, since consumers will know that your business is a trust-worthy option.

Easier said than done, right? Don’t worry– here are 3 things your business can do to stay relevant.

  • Social Media Marketing (Tips)

I’m hoping that you already have social media accounts for your business. Afterall, that is typically the first step in reaching an online community.

However, having an account is not enough. You can not just post pictures and expect followers, likes, and engagement. 

You have to:

  • Do some serious research
  • Learn a thing or two about SEO
  • Post content your target audience actually cares about
  • Prioritize organic traffic 
small business
  • Organic traffic to your business are when visitors find you without using paid advertising. Whether it’s a big sign on the street or a social media marketing campaign, the idea is to get people to your doors.
  • Of course, there’s nothing wrong with paid advertising, however Facebook advertising, costs add up quickly
  • As a small business though, with minimum revenue, you really shouldn’t spend any money on marketing that isn’t sure to bring sizable results.

Here is where Pingster can help we offer free organic advertising. The apps core GEO local technology, organically connects businesses to consumers  (i.e. restaurant serving exquisite food), using GPS navigation and Augmented Reality. Consumers like discounts, Pingster joins local businesses to local people using incentivized coupons.  Read More

  • Start a business blog 

Take a good guess on what you’re reading right now. That’s right, a business blog article. To starting a blog, you’ll need to share information that is relevant to your target audience.

It can’t simply be filled with how-to guides related to your products. Your blog needs to bring value to both consumers who have never purchased from or heard of your brand, as well as previous buyers.

For the most part, expect your blog to a user’s first point of interaction with your business. That means including information about your business at the end of each article. And always sharing content that’s not only consistent with the article title but brings real value to the reader.

 Don’t pump articles full of promos for your business. Naturally incorporate mentions of your brand, and focus on producing a well-written article filled with beneficial information. 

This means that you’re going to have to learn more about your target audience than simply the things they like to buy. Figuring out primary demographics, behaviors, and regions is essential to writing articles that attract readers who could actually be interested in your products. 

Take Pingster; we share blog articles focused on bettering communities and the economy. Why? Because our social community is enjoyed by people who are interested in sharing visual experiences in their community as well as supporting the local economy.

Pingster is a great tool for small businesses to promote themselves to local customers. Pingster is entirely based on geo tagging, businesses like yours, are able to target users right in their own cities with discount GPS coupons

So not only does this article offer you value in saving your small business, but it also points you to a relevant tool that could also play a part.

Ultimately, a blog comes down once again to staying relevant. If there’s one marketable asset that won’t ever go out of style– it’s writing.

People enjoy reading. And people enjoy learning. Give that to them now, and they’ll give your business support later.

  • Send Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are offered by nearly every big brand for a reason. They work. 

They allow you to target both previous buyers and newer signups in a manner that’s significantly harder to ignore than the methods mentioned above. 

Weekly content related to your business is sent straight to their inbox, meaning that even if subscribers don’t open your emails, they’ll most likely see your brand name pop up. 

And if they keep seeing it week after week, chances are they’ll eventually click. That one click could be all it takes to lead to a sale, or at least a loyal customer.

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  • Plus email newsletters provide consumers with information they themselves never would have thought to seek out. Each newsletter is a new opportunity to provide a new angle on whatever you’re offering (that’ll hopefully peak their attention!)
  • Subject lines are crucial. And preview text follows close behind. Those are the two bits of your newsletter that almost single-handedly determine if someone is going to click through.
  • So just like a blog, make sure these pieces of text are relevant and valuable to your target audience. Keep them short and concise.

Pingster has a newsletter of it’s own that allows readers to sign up for weekly content related to community, economy, and Pingster. Our goal is for readers to sign up after a few newsletters, even if they weren’t persuaded by a blog article. Our newsletter also ensures that users don’t forget us, even if they stop using the platform.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you feel equipped now to keep your business alive through the rest of 2020 and beyond. Despite how out of control the business scene is right now, those are four things you still have full control over. 

Remember to set up a business account on Pingster so you can maximize organic traffic. And since over 95% of users are personal accounts, you’ll be one of the only brands for consumers to focus on. That’s good news if I’ve ever heard any. 

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