Affecting change as a non-essential worker

If you aren’t one of the approximately 55 million people in the U.S. considered to be an essential worker, I bet there have been a few times during this pandemic that you’ve wondered if you were doing enough to better the world around you. With all the division and unrest the media constantly portrays, the feeling of fellowship that typically accompanies what it means to be a community has been slowly beginning to… dim

But now is not the time to pull away from one another. It’s easy to spread kindness when life is going well, but it’s when things turn south that uplifting one another is so crucial. So here are 5 simple ways you can start making a positive change in your community today

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5 Simple Ways to Make a positive change in your community

1. Zoom Webinars

Sharing free expertise is one of the best gifts you can give. Granted, attaching a price to your knowledge isn’t a bad thing, but during such financially unstable times, it’s best that price not exceed a few bucks. You can also choose to host webinars on an optional donation basis– where funds either go to your favorite charity or straight into your bank account.

A webinar is exactly what it sounds like; a seminar conducted over the internet. Surely, at whatever point in your life that you’re at, there’s some level of expertise you can offer viewers.

With unemployment rates as high as they are, and entrepreneurial endeavors growing like crazy, nearly everyone is looking for a new skill to add to their resume.

Cloud computing, Artificial intelligence, Sales leadership, Analysis, and Mobile app development are all hard skills in serious demand right now– but seriously any skill is worth teaching.

2. Cleaning up litter

Cleaning up litter has long existed as a means of community service, and it’s a job that needs to get done even if you’re not receiving academic credit or required by law enforcement.

Of course, keep in mind that it’s definitely a task that requires some serious sanitary measures and health-conscious thinking, more so now than in previous times. All you need is a trash grabber, a bag, gloves, and a mask and you’ll be good to go

3. Supporting local food drives

There are lots of people struggling right now to put food on the table for their families, and it’s even more important now that, if able, you support the food drives near you. Bear in mind that with so many schools closed, even children aren’t readily receiving access to nourishing, healthy meals. Donating extra food in your pantry or making a special trip to the grocery store will be well worth the effort.

4. Donations (Books, Clothes, Financial, etc.)

The number of charities focused on humanitarian efforts is countless, and currently many are specifically focusing on those impacted by Covid19. While financial donations are generally the most sought after, you can always rest assured your donations are going to their intended recipients if in the form of clothing, food, books, blankets, furniture, or toys. There are locations in virtually every city that allow drop-off of such items. 

Even local Goodwills and Salvation Army thrift stores are great places to give away your old goods and know they’re being offered at prices even those down on their luck can afford.

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5. Pingster

Believe it or not, making a difference in your community can be as simple as uploading pictures. Through Pingster, a GPS-based social network, you’re able to mimic being a local travel guide by sharing photos of businesses that are still open, locations that offer a great time even while social distancing, and spots you love visiting. Right now, people are growing increasingly desperate to find enjoyable, safe places, and your contributions could be extremely useful to others in your city.

Sharing photos of facilities that offer outdoor seating, locations that offer family-friendly fun, or beautiful, spacious outdoor areas are all just a few ideas that people nation-wide are searching for. Your photos will be automatically displayed for anyone 1 to 20 miles away from you, with you having full control over privacy settings and whether or not others can contact you. 

Think of Pingster like a virtual community, instead of the typical social media paradigm based on followers and star-power.

Final Thoughts

I’m proud to be able to share a story on Pingster for each location I visit, but most of my photos are of North Carolina. In order to really contribute towards the building of a global community, we need your photos to help form the stories of the locations around you. You’ll be able to create a virtual scrapbook for yourself while leaving behind a trail that fellow locals can use as a travel guide. Join me on Pingster, and that’s one thing on this list you can go ahead and cross off.

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