Vacation in Portugal is an interesting experience. And I use that term loosely. A lot of poverty and run down towns and then you stumble upon a gem. We’d been travelling three or four days and were getting pretty down. And then we pulled off the road to our next destination, Obidos. A tiny walled city on the top of a mountain dating back to the Crusades, we pull up to our Pension and its an old castle. The real deal. We are staying in the turret. Walls 4 feet thick with slots in the walls (yes there were windows in these now) where soldiers from the dark ages protected their local lord. Dinner was even better. Whitewashed buildings, eating al-fresco, great meal and wine for €4 a bottle. We posted the photos on Facebook and Instagram and our friends saw us. But the world didn’t and very few people are any wiser about this very cool town. If I had Pingster™ then I could have told the world about it. Every place in the world has
a story. Pingster™ lets people discover them.™