Day Trips – A Summer Vacation Alternative

Summer vacations were a bit of a no-show this year.

And while staycations are great for a little while, most of us can only go so long before wanting to bang our heads against a wall.

Staring outside our windows don’t exactly compete with the great big world out there.

day trips

Fortunately, day trips can be exciting with or without some grand destination. While it’s a bit unrealistic to pack our bags and stay overnight somewhere during the world’s current health scene, road days trips make for the perfect short-term getaway. And here are 5 reasons that’ll prove it.

5 Reasons for  My Day Trips

1. They’re super cheap

Your literal only expense is gas (…And maybe driver’s insurance if you’re trying to get technical with me here.) While stopping at restaurants and shops are part of what make road trips so fun, you could definitely go with free, more health-conscious alternatives.

Chilling at a lake, setting up a picnic, going on a brief hike, or something else are all great ways to have fun at little to no cost. Plus be at one with nature. Even petting zoos, drive-in theaters, or outside live music are cheaper, more social-distancing friendly alternatives to traditional road trip stops. If you do decide to treat yourself to a meal out, the price will still be next to nothing compared to that of a full-scale vacation. 

2. They last however long you want

Whether you want to be on the road for 3 hours or 12 is totally up to you. Thanks to Google Maps, you can literally look up any location and have an immediate approximation of how long it’ll take you to get there. I’ve also found Pingster, a photo-sharing GPS social network available on Android, Apple, and Desktop, to be a great source for finding interesting road trip stops both near and far from you. The app’s time lapse feature takes a snapshot of all images taken within a certain distance, and shows them all in a display. So you won’t even have to think too hard about where your journey will take you.

3. Time to bond with your family (or whoever you’re living with)

For the time-being, sitting closer than 6 feet to someone you don’t currently live with isn’t advised or even safe according to the CDC. So your road trip companions are more than a bit limited. Unless you’re one of the approximately 28% of single resident households in the U.S., you have at least one other person you could hit the road with. A family trip, couple’s trip, or trip with roommates could be the exact thing you all need to ‘revive’ your relationships. Being locked up with others for months on end allows all of you to get up close and personal with one another’s flaws. A road trip is the perfect way to alleviate that tension. 

4. You can social distance the whole time

With most outings, it’s literally impossible to not get closer than 6 feet to another human at some point. Grocery stores are only so spacious, restaurants aren’t exactly roomy, and even walks at the park involve crossing paths with others. The public in general is a bit of a health hazard zone.

When you decide to go on a road trip that’s more sight-seeing or nature-focused, keeping distance between you and strangers is so much easier. Even passing through a drive through ensures a distance of at least 6 feet. Though not in every sense, your vehicle is like a protection, and your health is worth protecting.

5. They’re a chance to observe the world in real-time

Viewing the world’s events through the camera lenses of others is great and all… but chances are that what’s actually going on both nationally and globally becomes a bit blurred by bias and media. Our homes are our safe havens, and allowing the news to be our sole source of keeping up with the outside world is a bit risky in terms of reliability.

day trips

Sometimes the internet may exaggerate something minor or understate something serious, and the best way to ensure a consistent flow of accurate knowledge can quite literally be seeing things with your own eyes. Plus it never hurts to see all the positive things occurring in your community, since each serves as a reminder that we won’t be in this pandemic forever.  

Final Thoughts

Before heading off on your road trip, make sure to follow me on Pingster and take advantage of the awesome travel guide and trip planner that Pingster is. Discover new places near you & find locations that appeal to you. Simply click on a picture that interests you & find the fastest route to it in a jiffy. No need to get into the hassle of finding a city guide anymore.

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