Language Learning: The International At-Home Connection

I think it’s fair to say that we all know that learning a foreign language instantly opens up new connections with new people. After all, language is more important than anything else when it comes to communication. 

But it connects people in far more ways than what initially meets the eye.

Aside from connecting you with foreign language speakers, you’re also connecting with the global language learning community. One of the most prominent, yet hidden communities that there are.


Where to Learn?

In the United States, learning a foreign language has never been viewed as a ‘necessity.’

Yet globally, 60-75% of people are considered bilingual. So clearly, there’s a whole lot of language learning going on behind the scenes.

There are native speakers in virtually every language who have put in the time and effort to learn English. And thanks to online platforms, interacting with native speakers of a language you’re interested in is easier now than ever before.


What to Learn?

Most people are delighted to find out you’re learning their language, and more than willing to help you along the process.

I’ve been rigorously learning Vietnamese since the day quarantine started and it’s honestly been heart-warming to both text and video-call students living in Vietnam. Hoàn toàn ấm lòng! Seeing Vietnamese students speak English at the proficiency they’re able to speak it is extremely motivating for me. Even empowering.

But it’s not just the speakers of my foreign language that I’m encouraged by. 

It’s the international circle of language learners who are united by nothing else except their quest to learn a foreign language. Regardless of what that language is, other language learners are more than ready to push you on, offer advice, and help you deal with common setbacks.

Language Learning
Language Learning

Why Learn?

Though language learning can initially appear to be a ‘lonely’ hobby, it’s anything but. And it could be the one thing you need to boost you out of a self-quarantine slump. To once again revive your excitement for life after Covid19. ‘Cause it’s coming, hopefully someday soon, and you may as well learn a lifelong skill in the meantime. 

Don’t put your life on hold until the world “gets better.” Adapt and adjust. Language learning is a past-time that offers you the constant opportunity to connect with people on a virtual scale. And since that seems to be the path in which the world is moving, why not use your extra time to keep up with it? And hey– it never hurts to add a new skill to your resume.

Joining high-quality virtual communities is one crucial aspect to maintaining sanity and positivity as we all deal with the effects of this pandemic. On Pingster, you won’t find users competing among themselves to get a higher number of followers, because the community we’re building is based on GPS power, not Star power. Save photos with a geotag in a virtual scrapbook, so you never forget your special moments,

Final Thoughts


And if you do decide to join me in learning a foreign language, you can totally use Pingster as an on-the-go travel guide to quickly find local restaurants or shops that include your target language in their name. You’d be surprised how many spots near you offer not only the opportunity to interact with the language, but learn the culture associated with it!

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