The Beauty of Gift Baskets

I know far too many people who are content with waiting around till the holidays for their jolly giving attitude to finally shine through.

People who are much too quick to let the calendar define “The Best Time” to spread cheer. But it’s fair to say that 2020 has not been your typical year. And Summer 2020? Not even close.

Most of us have spent an amount of time at home that more closely resembles the cold Winter months than the thriving warmer season. 

Gift Baskets

This has been a Summer that most of us have spent with less socializing than any prior year. A Summer without festivities, vacations, and parties. A Summer in need of some cheer.

Cheer that you can give. There are still plenty of creative ways you can observe social distancing protocols while spreading love and kindness to those in need of them. Pretty much everyone at this point.

The most heart-warming health conscious way I’ve found to touch the hearts of my loved ones are gift baskets

Nothing grand, expensive, or flashy. Simply stuffing some fruit and packaged candy in a neatly wrapped basket is all it takes.

And want to know a little secret? The basket pictured was almost completely compiled using Dollar Tree goods.

Gift Baskets

Cost of Materials

  • The basket was $1
  • The bows were $1
  • The wrapping was $1
  • The two packs of candy were $2
  • And all the fruits were $2

Calculated by taking the price of the full bags of fruit and then dividing by the few pieces I put into the basket.

Mark the spot with a Gift Basket

It’s even better if you can personalize the gift basket for the recipient, adding in candies, fruits, and other trinkets you know they like.

Any little gesture goes a long way. My family members are still gushing over how thoughtful the baskets were, and it honestly warms my soul to know that I was able to do that for them.

Well actually, my mom, sister, and I took the gifting trips together (which helped transform the trip in its entirety into a social outing)

Pingster GSP Coupon marker

Another beauty of gift baskets is that they can be 100% transferred without any human interaction.

That way both you and the recipient are able to feel completely at ease about the exchange. Just drive to their home, place the basket at the door, ring the bell, and leave. Your best bet for success here is to call them beforehand to make sure they’ll be at home to retrieve the basket in a timely manner.

I’d also encourage you to prepare the basket using gloves, as well as disinfectant for any newly purchased products.

If both you and the recipient are comfortable interacting in person, then your gift basket drop-off could also turn into a much needed “Social Outing”. In line with the WHO’s health guidelines, you’re encouraged to stay outside, converse at least 6 feet away, and wear a mask throughout the visit.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that each and every journey you take to spread cheer can be easily documented in just one photo.

Not to sound overly sappy, but change starts with you. Don’t wait for others to climb out of their self-quarantine slump; offer them the ladder they need.

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