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Local GPS Map

Coupons display in local map

GPS Coupon

GPS Coupons are GEO local markers – that highlight business incentives to local consumers.

In today’s new normal Pingster can kickstart the economy by bringing people in communities together to help one another.

GPS Coupons

As we wait for the United States and world economies to recover from coronavirus, Pingster a revolutionary photo sharing social network has just launched  “GPS Coupons”.

Pingster was developed as a consumer based photo-sharing app that navigates users to nearby pictures using GPS. (The restaurant serving exquisite food, or an incredible panoramic view of scenery, and even a fun event going on downtown.)

Now, the app has been relaunched to include both photosharing as well as delivery of  (Free, GEO local, Coupon Advertising Platform for businesses throughout the world).

Incentivize Customers

The apps core GEO local technology, organically connects businesses to consumers  (i.e. restaurant serving exquisite food), using GPS navigation and Augmented Reality. Consumers like discounts, Pingster joins local businesses to local people using incentivized coupons.

GPS Coupon – Specifications


  • Businesses create discount coupons – In real time on the Pingster website.
  • GPS Coupons work for all types of businesses small or large, online and brick and mortar.
  • Create coupons to incentivize consumers to show up at your place of business to purchase products/services with the discount.
  • There are no Fees   – Pingster is a “Free”  “GEO local” –  Advertising Platform.

Where are GPS Coupons located

  • GPS Coupons are visible – (In the local GPS Map and Business Profiles offering the coupons.)
  • GPS Coupons are assigned a physical address such as your stores location or assigned a temporary address; for remotely held business events.
  • Online Businesses without a brick and mortar address can still create online coupons which display in their business profile.
  • Visible to all nearby user’s phones, GPS Coupons are also available in the Advance Coupon Search, for those traveling a far with the desire to scope out deals ahead of time.
GPS Coupon
Pingster Business Profile

How GPS Coupons work

  • Businesses control the status of coupons thru the control panel. They can turn a coupon inactive any time.
  • Inactive coupons immediately disable and disappear off the Map.
  • App Users will only see GPS coupons that are located (less than 20 radial miles from their phone’s actual location)
  • App Users click on the available Augment Reality Gift Coupons of interest and claim those coupons.
  • User’s then claim those discount coupons at the business place of issue.
  • A QR code scanner can scan the claimed coupon for businesses interested in tracking metrics on their various coupon campaigns.

Final Thoughts

  • Businesses, especially smaller businesses around you are closing down their shutters forever, BUT, we can save them!

  • Come together, businesses and consumers, alike and let’s work together.  Let Pingster connect us all!

  • Businesses create a GPS Coupon. Mark your spot with a discount and drive customers to your doors.

  • Consumers, share this app with everyone you know. Tell all our friends of about supporting the local businesses around you.

Download the mobile app available on iOS (iPhone) and Android at If your are a business and need assistance to get up and running on Pingster, please contact us.

Pingster Team