I was a late-comer to the game of golf. Not sure if you’ve ever played but beginning golfers are not pretty to look at. I was taken out the first time by a pretty well known celebrity in Los Angeles. We both had our kids with us who were first graders together. Now, I don’t know if you know the golf scene in L.A. but it’s pretty serious and certainly doesn’t allow 6 year old kids to golf. So my celebrity friend knew of one of L.A.’s great secret golf locations up in the back part of the Malibu Hills looking out over the Valley. It’s a private but open course to anyone who wants to golf. And not too terribly expensive. After getting the hang of it my kid asks for a try at a swing so my friend the celebrity shows him how to hold the club and ups the ante by laying $100 on the ground and telling both kids if they can hit the ball in the hole (it was about 45 yards away), the money was theirs. You know the end of the story. Right in. Great moment.
Great golf course. Great day! I would have loved to share that with the world and likely increased the amount of people who learned about that golf course a hundred-fold. If I had Pingster ™ then I could have done just that. Every place in the world has a story. Pingster ™ lets people discover them. ™