Every Main Street has a least One of These

In downtown’s throughout the country, whether you are in New York City or in Kansas City you see a troubling site, stores out of business.  We’ve previously witnessed the destruction of downtown main streets once already. The Walmart expansion of the 90’s is still a haunting reminder of how vulnerable locally-owned brick and mortar stores are to the winds of change. If you own a physical business today you are probably concerned about your survival in a world that is increasingly less brick and mortar. Sadly, the rise of Amazon and the convenience of on-line shopping has once again made it next to impossible for any small businesses to compete for customers, despite having unique, hard-to-find items or in-demand services.

Providing a Solution

Pingster has unlimited potential for businesses and brands to demonstrate their value in a new visual way.    Pingster promises to be a new tool for spot lighting existing brick and mortar businesses and is a GPS, navigation mobile app that uses photosharing to connect consumers to products and services. Every place in the world has a story.  Pingster® is a Non-Stop connection to YOUR business image stories. Pingster is like the fusion of Instagram, Google Search and Google Maps all in one.

How Pingster Can Help

There are lots of ways to walk down a street to a destination or location.  We want to make the walk easier and more engaging for the Consumer and the Business.  Pingster’s mission is to assist consumers in the exploration process by offering nearby visual business images that create the want and desire and then the GPS coordinates to make a seamless connection and sales conversion.

Pingster’s unique value proposition is we can connect consumers with business incentives and discounts using GPS navigation, in a one step, solution. User’s will see business image posting just by being in your stores vicinity and not having to be directly in front of their doors. Consumers never have to leave the app to connect to the actual stores GPS location and ultimately the goal is to create a seamless sales conversion for the consumer and the business.


If your business is are already using Instagram as part of your social media strategy, you can also upload those same images of your products and services to Pingster.  Incentivize potential consumers by listing your holiday season promotional discounts on Pingster. 

Say you are a small hat shop in the downtown area. You can take photos of the hats in your shop and upload them to Pingster.  Pingster users passing nearby will be notified that there is something to see. YOUR HATS.  Own a restaurant? How about take photos of your specials of the day? Mechanics can use it to advertise oil change pricing.  Libraries can tell the community about special events.  See where I’m going with this? Suddenly, you’re no longer being asked to spend thousands of dollars in advertising. You are in competition based specifically on your location, not your wallet size. We are offering you a tool that can help you achieve your advertising goals without destroying your bottom line. If your business is looking for a new way to get viral exposure using GPS navigational coordinates, you want to try us out.

Jump on the Pingster band wagon, try it out download it today it’s FREE. Pingster is currently available in the:

Apple Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pingster-app/id1353822944?mt=8   and Available on Android Dec 2018