Organize Your Life

If there’s ever been a time where you could say the world is looking a bit messy, it’d be right now. With Covid19 leaving behind a mess wherever it goes– it’s easy to feel like your life may be unraveling as well.

Summer normally brings an optimistic attitude and plenty of quarterly personal goals. But this year, the motivation to do much of anything has been a lot harder to find. 

With nearly “nowhere” to go and “nobody” to hang out with, you may have even ditched your planner for a few months and “winged” your schedule, aside from work or school.

But let’s be real– there are still plenty of aspects worth organizing in your life simply for your mental health and overall wellbeing. And you don’t need to have a ton of plans for your day-to-day routine to start feeling overwhelming.

organize your life

4 simple ways to get your life together

With Fall just around the corner, I want to help you reorganize your life for the new season, and reinvigorate your excitement for the months ahead.

#1 Take advantage of digital tools

organize your life

I get that “unplugging” may be a great way to temporarily reduce stress, but devices are part of our lives whether we love them or not. Consequently meaning you might as well take advantage of all the amazing organization apps and websites developed just for overwhelmed consumers. 

And these digital organization tools take tons of different forms– cloud based calendars, project management platforms, “sticky note” reminders, and even social networks like Pinterest or Pingster. 

Pinterest lets you organize all your goals, plans, hobbies, and interests by “boards” filled with inspirational “pins” from both other users and yourself. 

And Pingster lets you plan out future trips and local travels by saving photos from users who have already visited those locations and photographed spots worth visiting. Moreover, you can search for an exact city, state, or country, and you’ll instantly see all the photos from users who posted their outings there.

Although paper-based organization systems are great for their own reason, digital tools can be carried with you wherever you go. So you can quite literally organize your life on-the-go.

#2 Keep a planner

organize your life

If one of the digital tools you decide to use isn’t already a planner in itself, then you definitely need to make sure you get one. 

How can you expect to follow through with your schedule or plans if you literally forget what you’re supposed to do? You can’t.

Which explains why nearly all of the most successful people in life have some form of planner. And it’s not just for show– they actually use it. 

There’s nothing more stress-relieving than filling out your planner at the start of the week and having everything you need to get done laid out in one spot. You can quickly assess how much free time you’ll have, how much family time you’ll have, and if you’ll need to spend any extra time working. 

So do whatever it takes to set up some form of planning system in your life. While I prefer to stick with my bullet journal– filled with my plans, schedule, goals, aspirations, habits, doodles, and lots of color–you may find that a traditional calendar is all you can manage.

And that my friend, is totally fine. Save your brain power for things more important than planning storage.

#3 Keep a tracker

Yes, a planner and a tracker are two different things. Granted, you can totally both plan and track your activities in one location, but they’re still two different tasks that each have a place in your life.

To contrast with a planner, A tracker allows you to keep up with your goals and trackers, and have a physical manifestation of exactly where you are in your personal journey.

Instead of just writing down what you plan to do to reach your goals, also write down what you’ve already done. Doing this will allow you to also figure out what’s worked and what hasn’t in driving progress.

And a great way to revamp and reorganize your life is to quit old habits and replace them with better one. So habit trackers should definitely have a place in your organization system. It’ll make sure all your efforts don’t go in vain, and give you something to be proud about.

#4 Organize your living space

One of the quickest ways to get your mental organization together, is to start with physically organizing.

If that involves investing a bit in some folders, file cabinets, binders, bulletin boards, or calendar– then so be it.

It’s a lot harder to organize your thoughts when your surroundings are a mess.

And it doesn’t even feel good to know that the area you have to work in and stare at everyday is a jumble of files and random documents. That’s a pretty quick way to make sure you don’t even want to get your work done.

So definitely start with your working space, and then expand to your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, laundry room, and even yard. Because there’s nothing wrong with totally rearranging your home if that’s what it’ll take to prove to yourself that you have your life together.

Final Thoughts

You’re not alone in your quest to organization. Because while I may not be able to hold your hand along the way, I would love it if you’d allow me to help guide how you organize your future travels. Whether they’re virtual or across the world.

Because of Covid, they’ll likely only be at local spots for quite a while, but my posts on Pingster share how I’m approaching nearby outings in my own city. In addition, all the other users on Pingster can also be constant inspiration for shaping your next day trip or vacation.

Your next journey can be fully organized before you even take a step out the door. And if there’s anything in your life that you shouldn’t have to waste brain power planning out, it should be your next journey. You deserve that for yourself.

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