Building Local Brand Awareness

Getting your small business name out there during a full-blown pandemic is no easy task. With consumers no longer commuting as much and flocking towards online shopping, even businesses that had plenty of sales in 2019 are nearing forced closures.

Online businesses may be popping up like crazy,  but brick-and-mortar shops, services, and restaurants are all still in need of local support. And relying on consumers spotting your location while out and about is a form of marketing that’s quickly died out. 

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The Reality of Social Media Marketing

When the world goes virtual, your business has to follow suit. Social media marketing is the best bet for nearly all businesses to expand their reach to an online crowd. 

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However, not only are paid advertisements on social networks increasing in price.

But, only a small portion of viewers actually fall into your targeted relevant business audience.

  • You could be spending your precious advertising funds for a Houston, Texas location, just for your promos to target a consumer in New York.
  • Even if you are able to optimize Facebook or Instagram ads for a local audience, costs add up quickly.
  • Being charged per day makes it extremely easy to surpass the bit of revenue your small business has been able to make.
  • Plus there are always bigger brands with larger budgets marketing similar services or products, and operating at multiple locations.
  • So how are you able to compete?
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The Cost of Social Media Marketing

All that being said, your business will never be able to reach its full potential if you don’t implement social media campaigns.

The issue is most business owners automatically associate social media marketing with paid advertising.

  •  Big networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok make it seem that big budgets are the only way to build a business brand. 

Free – Digital Advertising

But, what if I told you you could advertise on a social network, reach local consumers, and build brand awareness for 100% free? No strings attached.

Pingster, the geo tagging social network, allows businesses to establish a brand presence without any of the congestion typical of social media.

  • No major brands to compete with
  • No selfies or memes to drown out your content
  • And an absolute guarantee of reaching local users

Why Pingster for your business?

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The Reasons

  • All posts are displayed according to location thanks to the network’s built-in geotagging software. Your recent posts will always be displayed first to users under 20 miles away, including users passing through the area.
  • Unlike other social networks, users don’t write down the city that they live in for themselves. The geotagging of their photos and current location of their device does the “talking” for them.
  • So you won’t have to worry about your photos being annoyingly re-shown to users who use to live in your business’s city or falsely stated their place of residence as if in your business’s city. Manually filling in that kind of info doesn’t even exist on Pingster.

GPS Coupons

Not only are you able to share photos in an Instagram-fashion but the platform’s one-of-a-kind GPS coupon feature means that any deal you share can be saved by users for future access.

Meaning that any time the user opens their coupon section, as long as the deal is still valid, your business name will show up. Brand awareness at it’s finest.

local brand awareness

Early Business Adopter

And with under 5% of users on the platform identifying as a business, you’d be one of the first brands leaving an impression on Pingster’s thousands of consumers.

Final Thoughts

In the economy’s current situation, Pingster offers an opportunity you really shouldn’t pass up. You don’t have to take it from me though. Try out Pingster yourself and see what sets it apart from competitors. 

You’ll see me posting pictures on the platform too, and if I’m ever in your area, I’ll be sure to post you as well. See you over there!

Pingster Username: cierrasmith
Pingster Display Name: Cultured Simplicity
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