The power of Photo Filters

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Landscape photography is easily one of the most beautiful kinds of photography. Who doesn’t love gazing at a shot of a starry night or mountain-top Fall foliage?

With smartphones, we can all be on-the-go photographers if we so please– capturing every breathtaking scene we stumble upon. Landscape shots are great in their natural form, but sometimes all it takes is a bit of editing to transform them into jaw-dropping aesthetic pieces.

No, you don’t need Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to unlock the creative potential behind your photos. You don’t have to force yourself to employ the critical editing process of professional photographers. You don’t have to have any money and you don’t need a professional camera.


No need to start quizzing yourself. I’ll tell you exactly what you do need to transform your landscape shots.


The lazy photographer hack to phenomenal shots

That’s right. All you need a few properly made filters to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your photos. 

Filters are the work of others. You don’t have to do anything yourself except know where to find said filters. 

Filters have been around for so long that most people don’t even recognize just how much of a blessing in disguise they are. Surely, you’ve noticed all the free filters out there. Just think of Snapchat filters and Instagram filters.

Although those filters can be cute (and even humorous) to have on hand, they’re almost always made to enhance selfies. They may look fabulous on a photo of you and your fam, but slap that sucker on a landscape shot and you’ll likely be disappointed.

You’ll notice that Pingster filters aid in enhancing detail and aesthetic while altering the coloring of the landscape– to differing degrees. You can opt for more extreme edits with filters like linear, sepia, or instant. 

You can opt for subtle color changes with transfer, fade, or process. Or you can go with the chrome filter to enhance your shot’s colors or with the curve filter to tame your shot’s colors. All these filters add their own level of aesthetic to your portfolio, particularly when used in conjunction.

They’ll make all your shots instantly exciting and can even be used for a cohesive brand image. 


Standing out with Pingster’s Filters 

Whether you’re a travel blogger, professional photographer, or simply sick of blending in with the crowd, Pingster’s filters can help. We all have a unique brand identity, even if you are your brand. Personal brand image is something all of us could use to our advantage.

The problem is standing out from the competition, particularly when all you have are your photos to distinguish yourself with. 

Pingster makes it easy for you to quickly make all your photos look cohesive. The way I see it, your personal brand image is just one filter away. 

Some ideas to get your creative juices flowing? If you’re primarily a historical photographer– as in someone who takes shots of historic spots, consider Pingster filters Noir, Sepia, or Transfer filter. They add a nice vintage flair that’ll make sure your photos stand out and are recognizable as yours.

If you focus on water or aquatic shots, consider Pingster filters Process or Linear. Process helps exaggerate blue and green tones while linear exaggerates shadows and dark colors. 

If you take lots of family travel shots, consider Pingster filters Chrome or Curve. Chrome enhances colors while Curve creates that soft, mystical aesthetic we all love.

And if you consider yourself an Instagram travel model, try out Pingster filters Instant, Fade, or Vignette. 

If you still can’t decide, just play around with all the filters until you find the one that best reflects your brand or personality. 

How to apply Pingster Filters

Rest assured that you’ll never have to pay for a filter on Pingster. They’re 100% free and always available in the Pingster app. 

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Download the Pingster app either on Apple or Android
  2. Open the app and click the green camera icon at the bottom center of the page to post a photo. From there, you can either choose a photo from your gallery or take one using the camera.
  3. After picking your photo all the photo edit options will automatically display. Tap “Filter” and choose whichever filter you please. Click “OK” to save the filter and make any other adjustments you like (including contrast, brightness, saturation, rotate, crop, highlight, & other effects.)
  4. Click “Done” at the top to be directed to the image description page. Write a caption and click the green upload icon to post your photo.

Once you post your photo, you should see the edited photo in your phone gallery within the “Pingster” photo album.

If for whatever reason you don’t, click the photo you just posted, click the three circle icons at the top, tap “Edit” to increase the size of the photo, and screenshot. You can then crop the photo to narrow the shot down to the photo alone. 

You can also go to on desktop, log in, and right click your photo to download it to your computer. That way you won’t need to crop anything. 

Simple enough right?

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to transform your landscape shots, go ahead and sign up for Pingster to try out the filters for yourself. 

Let us know your favorite in the comments below!

Pingster Username: cierrasmith
Pingster Display Name: Cultured Simplicity