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Connecting local businesses to consumers

As we all wait for the anticipated opening of the United States and world economies, Pingster a revolutionary photo sharing social network has just launched our new feature, GPS coupons.  This feature could not have come at a better time for our country and the world in this tremendous time of need.

Pingster was developed as a consumer based GPS app to help you navigate to nearby pictures you find in your feed; The restaurant serving great looking and tasty food, or an incredible view at a tourist attraction, and even a fun event going on downtown. Now, we announce the launch of GPS coupons.

Incentivize customers with a GPS coupon

The apps core technology physically connects consumers to actual GPS address locations  (i.e. restaurant serving great looking and tasty food), using navigation and augmented reality GPS coupons. Pingster connects local people to local businesses. Consumers like discounts.  If  businesses create discount coupons, customers will show up at their doors to purchase and redeem the bargains. GPS Coupons are created through the Webapp Site. Here is a  video tutorial on how to create a GPS coupon.

Here is how GPS coupons work:

What you need to know:

  • Businesses can post customized GPS coupons in real time on the Pingster website.
  • There is no fees associated with posting GPS coupons on Pingster.
  • Businesses create GPS coupons to incentivize consumers.
  • Businesses need to have a brick and mortar address for a coupon to show up to on the GPS map.
  • A business GPS coupon will be visible in the GPS map for all user’s phones.
  • Businesses can control how many coupons get issued. They can turn the coupon inactive any time.
  • Inactive business coupons will immediately be disabled and it will disappear off the GPS map.
  • Users will only see GPS coupons that are located (less than 20 radial miles from their phone’s actual location)
  • Users click the desired coupons and these are stored as claimed coupons.
  • Users can navigate directly to the business location using the app, to execute on the incentivitzed GPS coupon.
  • Once the user arrives at the business, the user’s claimed coupon QR code is scanned by the business with the QR code reader located on the app from the business phone.
  • This redeems the business coupon and is good for tracking the sales conversions for the business through the website.

How to create a business coupon:

Final Thoughts

The idea is to get consumers and business to work together.  Pingster can connect us all together, using social distancing in this “New Normal” post coronavirus era. Let’s get the United States economy back on track using a mobile phone and navigation technology.

Download the mobile app available on iOS (iPhone) and Android at www.pingster.info.  Pingster is a free mobile web app. Additionally, if you are a business and need help getting your free GPS coupons uploaded in to the Pingster GPS map, please free to contact us.

Pingster Team