When I was a little kid the family stayed at a local ship captain’s house inland of Kennbunk, Maine. It was on a “pond” the size of most mid-size lakes. Wood timbered building with green painted floors and a huge wrap around porch set in pine trees. It would be a hot seller on Airbnb today. Across the street a local older lobsterman, right out of central casting with the side and chin beard but no moustache, would fire up a wood stoked huge copper cauldron with sea water. You’d walk up to the door, ring a brass ship’s bell, he would come out and per your order drop a lobster or two or three in the boiling water and you would leave a few minutes later with a seafood feast direct from his boat. I’m not sure if that house is still around or if his kids still fire up the cauldron. But if I had Pingster™ back then you’d know all about it. Every place in the world has a story. Pingster™ lets people discover them.™