Melbourne Australia

Melbourne, Australia is a destination on lots of traveller’s list! When you think of Australia, you are probably thinking Kangaroos, the funny looking “crown-shaped” building (Sydney Opera House) and the beautiful coastline. 

Well, I have news for you, Melbourne has none of those. Just to give you a bit of some context, Melbourne is home to around 5 million people and not the city you think about when you see iconic images of Melbourne (that would be Sydney). 

In my personal opinion, Melbourne is the best city in Australia (and even the world).


Fun fact, Melbourne was the world’s most livable city until Vienna kicked it off the winner’s list in 2019.

When people arrive in Melbourne, they generally see all the landmarks on offer. The Eureka Skydeck has incredible views, Crown Casino is a great attraction for all ages (despite it being a Casino), and the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is one of the largest stadiums in the world and hosts a range of Australian sporting events. 

When you visit Melbourne you will notice the love for chocolate, shoes and you will never be stuck finding an amazing restaurant to eat at. BUT the problem with Melbourne is, unless you do your research, you won’t get the full experience as a tourist. 

Melbourne is known for its underground bars, bars on roofs and laneways to the mystery. In order to get a full experience of travelling in Melbourne, you have to go further than the eye can see. Even going out to the suburbs will find you experiencing a lot more than the tourism brochures suggest.


So if you are over tours and river cruises, try some of these things:

  1. See a live act in the suburbs. Venues like the Gasometer in Collingwood, the Croxton in Thornbury and the Corner Hotel in Richmond are known for their amazing live gigs.
  2. Go shopping in Chapel Street – South Yarra. One of the most popular streets in Melbourne, Chapel Street, has some of the most exclusive shops running along the streets.
  3. Go to a rooftop bar in Fitzroy. Some popular ones include Naked for Satan and the Provincial, you won’t be disappointed with the atmosphere or the views.
  4. Have a dance in Richmond. If you aren’t the nightclub type, Swan Street in Richmond offers a range of bars to go for a drink (or 10) and a dance.
  5. Have brunch in Northcote. Breakfast/lunch is a huge thing in Melbourne, so if you want to have breakfast at 3pm. Try out some of my favourite places in Northcote. These include Tinker and Field Black – oh and don’t forget to stop at Rucker’s Hill for the best view of the city.
  6. Explore the laneways in the city. Some of the most beautiful arcades sit in the streets of Melbourne and go unnoticed. You want to explore the block arcade, the royal arcade and centre place. These little laneways are so beautiful and house some very cute cafes and shops.
  7. Get fish and chips in South Melbourne. This is a very Australian thing to do, get hot chips (known as fries but are bigger) and fresh fish and eat it on the beach. Please note, the Melbourne beaches are not a reflection of how Australian beaches are, this is in a bay, so there are no waves.

Well, this list should keep you busy!! Check out my Pingster page for more images of the gorgeous Melbourne and some of my favourite places in my favourite

Final thoughts on travelling in Melbourne

One thing I want you to remember with Melbourne, go off the main street. Explore the suburbs and go down laneways to explore what Melbourne really has to offer. Go to a coffee shop and order a Melbourne coffee. Have a cocktail in a hidden bar – trust me, there is so much to Melbourne than the eye can see!! 

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