Outdoor summer activities – Movie Nights

As the year takes a turtle-like trek towards Autumn, good old fashioned summer fun has been in an extreme shortage. 

For the most part,

  • Movie theaters are closed.

  • Amusement parks are closed

  • Festivals have been nonexistent

  • Concerts are a no-show

But… this past Friday night, I was reminded that Summer fun is still totally possible.

Outdoor summer activities

Even beyond our screens. 2020 has just forced us to go about in a creative manner. Change is uncomfortable– we can all agree on that. But sometimes new circumstances call for old measures.

I’m talking about traditional 1900’s-esque fun.

Drive-in movie theaters are still relatively popular today. But chilling in a friends yard to watch a projected movie? Not so much. Thanks to all the streaming services available to literally everyone nowadays, we each have a ‘micro-theater’ right within our devices. Budget video projectors can be found for dirt-cheap on the web, so your night ‘out’ with friends is just a few bucks away. Taking a “blast to the past” is more than worth it if it means reminding your inner circle that there’s more to 2020 than Covid19. Everyone appreciates a nice distraction from time to time.

So yes, maybe a lot of your plans were canceled for this summer. 

But it’s time to start thinking outside the box again. Let this Summer be the summer that you proved how resilient you are. A period in your life when you made the conscious decision to choose positivity. 

Outdoor summer activities
Outdoor summer activities
outdoor movie night

When you are the friend that reminds everyone else that things are gonna be just fine.

Sitting around waiting till the end of this pandemic is human nature, but you’re not a criminal for milking something positive out of a negative situation.

You and all your friends deserve the chance to be able to live in the moment and laugh together at comedies, scream together at thrillers, and cry together at romance movies.

The keys to hosting a successful outdoor movie night?

  • Telling everyone to wear masks
  • bring chairs, and a health-conscious positive attitude.
  • Set up chairs at least 6 feet away,
  • making sure the screen is in a central visible location for everyone.
  • Adjust the audio is loud enough for even those in the back.
  • Snacks should be pre-packaged bags and all drinks are closed bottles.
  • Oh, and limit the amount of guests to 10 at most. 

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Final Thoughts

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