6 travel dreams everyone should have

Traveling is so much more than eating good, spending money, and sightseeing. 

The experiences you need to have in Kuala Lumpur 

So, what should you do if you plan to visit the Malaysian capital? 

How to quickly build local brand awareness for free

Getting your small business name out there during a full-blown pandemic is no easy task.

How to organize your life during a pandemic

If there’s ever been a time where you could say the world is looking a bit messy, it’d be right now.

How Covid’s Coffee Community is Bonded by the Bean

Though we may not necessarily be able to “go for a coffee” with others right now, coffee drinkers are still being sure to get their daily caffeine fix

10 Creative Things to do instead of stressing over covid

Did you know that stress shrinks the brain? It’s safe to say that more than a few of us could use some much-needed distractions from Covid19.

My feelings on COVID19 as a teenage student

As I begin school as a senior in the class of 2021,  I feel the need to speak on behalf of students everywhere...

The top ways you can travel to Singapore

How can you travel to Singapore without breaking the bank?

The international skill that’ll keep you productive during quarantine

I think it’s fair to say that we all know that learning a foreign language instantly opens up new connections with new people.

5 ways to make an impact in your community during Covid19

I bet there have been a few times during this pandemic that you’ve wondered if you were doing enough to better the world around you.

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