The top ways you can travel to Singapore

How can you travel to Singapore without breaking the bank?

The international skill that’ll keep you productive during quarantine

I think it’s fair to say that we all know that learning a foreign language instantly opens up new connections with new people.

5 ways to make an impact in your community during Covid19

I bet there have been a few times during this pandemic that you’ve wondered if you were doing enough to better the world around you.

Learning to make the most out of simple family outings during Covid19

Do convenience stores count as ” Family Outings ” ? Well... Just about any place beats sitting at home

Why you should travel to Tasmania, Australia in the Winter! 

What? Travel in the Winter? YES... Hear me out!

Road day trips are the best social distancing friendly getaways

Summer vacations were a bit of a no-show this year. And while staycations are great for a little while...

Summer Santas: The best health conscious way to spread cheer

I know far too many people who are content with waiting around till the holidays for their jolly giving attitude to finally shine through. However,

Outdoor summer activities, proof summer fun is still possible

As the year takes a turtle-like trek towards Autumn, good old fashioned summer fun has been in an extreme shortage.

Traveling the World from my Couch

Despite all the social distancing measures put in place this year, 2020 doesn’t have to go down in the books as the “year without travel.”

Why you should consider travelling to Brisbane, Australia 

So when we think Australia we go to Melbourne or Sydney right?? But have you ever considered Brisbane?

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