Pingster offers schools a different social media user experience than Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Pingster’s goal is to change the existing social media paradigm by connecting everyone, giving all equal influence, eliminating the popularity contest and the algorithms. With Pingster it’s about building a community based on “GPS Power” and not “Star Power”.

Pingster is a GPS, navigation mobile app that uses photosharing to connect people to visual experiences. Every place in the world has a story. Pingster® is a Non-Stop connection to YOUR Image Stories. Pingster is like the fusion of Instagram, Google Search and Google Maps all in one.

There are lots of ways to walk down a street to a destination or location. Pingster’s mission is to make the walk easier and more engaging. Pingster’s unique value proposition is that it connects users to images using GPS navigation, in a one step, solution. You do not have to leave the app to create the physical connection.

I recently did an analysis of a local university to highlight the difference between the leading social media venues they were using and how adding Pingster into social mix could make their student experience more engaging.

The University uses Facebook to list their school events

The Facebook event feature delivers a viewer experience mostly in text and gives a generic GPS locator. Students interested in an event will require an extra step to leave Facebook app to make the physical GPS connection to the actual event. It also does not provide visual images that can create the interest to attend the event.

Posting event images on Pingster contain the actual event’s GPS coordinates, so students have both visual image to create the desire with a direct link that automatically navigates them to event itself.

The University uses Twitter to offer inspirational tweets, event tweets and student interactive hashtag tweets

Like Facebook, Twitter does not offer a direct GPS connection to tweets, in real time. On Pingster posts containing upcoming events as well student image postings such as (a study group, or a great meal at the dining hall, etc.) will automatically connect to other nearby student’s mobile devices uses GPS as the conduit for creating the conversion in real time.

The University uses Instagram to display images to it social media community

Instagram’s photosharing for places is fairly weak and offers a listing in text for users to decide what they want to see. It is harder for a viewer to discover what they want when they are looking at text verses when they are looking at a visual image or video. Today’s society calls for visual engagement. Pingster automatically connects you to images (visual experiences) that are near your mobile device. Offering you the ability to make the connection visually and not only thru a text description. With Pingster we are trying to help you to discover what you want by offering you a visual experience to create the desire and then the GPS coordinates to make the direct connection.

We are looking for colleges and universities to run pilot programs within their schools. What a great marketing tool and bragging rights, when Pingster becomes the next thing in photosharing and your college or university was one of the first schools to try it out.

If you want to become part of the Pingster pilot program team, please contact us at

Nancy Shone