The Starbucks Coffee Connection

During a time where so many of us aren’t able to see our loved ones, we truly have to grasp at anything to keep those relationships alive and well. It’s been common knowledge for a couple centuries now that food brings people together. But what about coffee? Which despite many Americans literally needing it in their daily lives, isn’t recognized for it’s mythical connection abilities.

Though we may not necessarily be able to “go for a coffee” with others right now, coffee drinkers are still being sure to get their daily caffeine fix– just in the solidarity of their own homes. In my house, 4 out of 5  in our family drink coffee. It’s a mild obsession we all share, with my mom reigning slightly above us all.

I didn’t quite realize the holistic community behind the brown drink until my sister started sharing stories of her experience working at Starbucks during a full-blown pandemic. (In case you missed it, yes, Starbucks is considered essential.) From coconut milk macchiatos to hazelnut cold brews to vanilla lattes, blonde roasts, and iced White Chocolate Mochas, everyone is still buying and thriving off of Starbucks coffee. 

Starbucks Coffee

The Power of Starbucks Coffee

From what I can see, regardless of how it’s personalized, the drink brings a bit of daily happiness even while we all struggle from the impacts of Covid19. In the words of Starbz, “that first sip feeling” is more than enough to briefly distract coffee drinkers from the world’s current problems. For about a minute or two anyways.

I have a family full of coffee drinkers, and it’s something my aunts, grandmas, and mom have always bonded over. Even over Zoom calls, it’s always refreshingly humorous to see someone drinking a cup during the middle of the day. It’s even more nice when others start questioning the coffee drinker on the brand, roast, flavor, and coffee maker that he or she uses.

During the midst of this pandemic, coffee has also proved to be the perfect social-distancing friendly gift. I’ll admit, I have a slight advantage since my sister gets weekly free bags from Starbucks, but other brands are still just as great for gifting.

After all, it’s the gesture that counts. It’s an easy way to remind those you care about that you’re thinking of and care about them. Even better if you know the brand of coffee that he or she likes to drink. 

For the love of Coffee…

So as a little challenge for you, the next time you either video call or come face-to-face with a friend or family member you know drinks coffee, talk about the drink at least once in the conversation. It’s much too easy to allow the whole convo to run negatively as you both focus on Covid19, politics, and injustice. So it’s up to you to briefly turn it towards something positive, and hopefully briefly distract whomever you’re talking with from some of the thoughts plaguing them.

Starbucks Coffee
Starbucks Coffee

If you can somehow bring up coffee before bringing up things occurring around the world, that’s even better. Despite how it may seem, overthinking global issues isn’t going to help you feel better or help things get better.

It’s a drain on the mental power of you and anyone doing it, so even if you can’t offer the gift of coffee, offer the gift of distraction.

Final Thoughts

If you’re ever looking for a new coffee spot, Pingster, a GPS social network, will immediately provide you with a list of locations near you when you search“coffee” within the app’s search bar feature. Turns out there are tons of local indie cafes I had no idea existed!

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Starbucks Coffee