The best app for your photography business?

Have you ever wondered about how to market your photography business? Figuring out how to get clients as a photographer is a tricky task no matter your marketing strategy. 

Photography is a very competitive industry and novice photographers often end up giving up before ever making any real money. However, that doesn’t have to be you. 

The first step in running a successful photography business is thinking like a professional, skilled photographer. (No brainer, right?) Which includes asking yourself questions like:

  • What tools does a photographer use?

  • Are there tools that every photographer should have?

  • What does a beginner photographer need?

  • And what are the best photography marketing strategies?

Easy to ask the questions; hard to get the answers. The world of digital marketing is still relatively new and figuring out which apps, websites, and social media are actually worth your time is confusing.

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Why Social Media for photography business marketing?

It’s a bit obvious that photographers should use social platforms as portfolios for their best shots. Afterall, Facebook and Instagram would hardly exist without their millions of photos. 

Meaning that photographers have an advantage in both the convenience and variety of social tools effective in digital marketing. Yet, a serious disadvantage in the congestion of content. 

After a few years of free marketing or months of paid marketing, ideally you’ll start seeing a relatively consistent flow of likes and followers. Even better if you’ve got people commenting.

However, these days, almost everyone is a photographer. A smart phone is all anyone needs to take their own photos, and the newest model phones offer some of the highest resolutions ever seen outside a camera. 

photography business

That being said, social media still offers the perfect opportunity for you to stand out as a professional photographer. Unlike other marketing forms, social platforms allow your clients to actually get to know you.

Which’ll build both brand awareness and brand loyalty above anything else. But that only works if you’ve chosen a social platform that’ll actually deliver worthwhile results

Unfortunately, the major social platforms are not only extremely competitive, but have ad costs that seriously add up in the long run. 

So what criteria should you use to choose the most effective and cost efficient social network for your photography business?

Well, let’s go back to marketing basics. The 7 P’s of marketing are product, price, promotion, place, people, process, and physical evidence. 

And after a thorough analysis, the results are in. There’s only one social platform that allows you to tackle all seven without breaking the bank or losing out to the competition. 

Pingster. Let’s delve into how exactly this social platform offers the best well-rounded marketing potential for upcoming photographers.


photography business

Consider Pingster your (1) social, (2) digital, and (3) on-the-go portfolio. In contrast with other networks, you don’t have to compete with travel bloggers, expert photographers, or travel agencies to get noticed.

The platform has 100% free business accounts for entrepreneurs of all kinds. Similar to Instagram, Pingster is primarily image-based. 

The main difference? Your photos are displayed to users near you and the location of where the photo was taken is automatically geotagged. 

So if you have a physical studio, all users have to do is click the location icon next to your photo to instantly receive Google Maps powered directions. 

Even if you’re a traveling photographer, your photos will be given priority status to users local to where they were taken.


Ah yes– everyone’s least favorite “P”. Price is an inevitable factor of most marketing strategies, and a real heartache for cash-strapped photographers. 

Who really has cash leftover for advertisements after buying DSLR cameras, lenses, and tripods? Not most novice photographers, that’s who. 

Fortunately, Pingster is 100% free. No hidden fees or costs. You’re able to market your photography business as much as you like without ever worrying about paying competitors.

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Final Thoughts

The people behind Pingster are actually looking out for you and your business. All photographers deserve to have their work seen and Pingster is set up for your success. 

What other social platform offers that much marketing potential for free? It’s an opportunity that your photography business really can’t pass up on. 

Start a business account on Pingster and join the least competitive online community you’ll ever meet.

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