Trying to figure out how to market your real estate business?

Looking for unique ways to effectively market your real estate business? You’re not alone. 

Everyday, men and women like you search for the “best marketing strategies for real estate.” It’s a competitive world out there and digital marketing is only useful if you know how to stand out.

When it comes to the rapid world of social media marketing, you don’t want to be left behind. 

Especially now that consumers everywhere are flocking to online shopping and browsing, your business needs a strong online presence. 

Your brand needs to be recognizable and accessible from anywhere in the world.
But… you probably already know that. The question is how can you effectively utilize social media marketing for real estate endeavors?

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Where real estate fits into social media marketing

Fortunately, real estate is a visual industry. In most cases, a consumer’s first impression on a piece of property is by appearance alone.

Meaning nearly all social media platforms can be effectively used for your real estate promotions. 

All you need is some attractive, high-resolution photos and you’ll be good to go, right?

In a perfect world; sure. In 21st-century land, you’ll also need:

  • advertisements
  • SEO
  • and a pretty good size budget to stand out on all major social platforms.

Before hopping into the competitive realms of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, your best bet is establishing a presence on a less congested network.

But not just any network. A social network that’ll actually get you into contact with relevant consumers interested in the region(s) you sell in.

That’s where Pingster comes in.

real estate social media marketing

Pingster and real estate marketing

real estate social media marketing

Pingster is known for its geotagged photos and user-made coupons. Users post photos of places around the world and view photos taken near them.

Casual users love the platform’s intimate community. However, most don’t take advantage of the massive marketing potential hidden with business accounts.

Myself and a small handful of entrepreneurs run business accounts on Pingster. You can read all about how I’m growing my business using the platform’s free marketing here.

And while I’m not normally one to give up my marketing secrets, Pingster users could genuinely benefit from photos of local real estate.

Pingster primarily attracts lovers of travel and those interested in learning more about their community. With a demographic like that, both temporary and permanent properties for relocation are big areas of interest.

Pingster has an extremely visual layout– much like that of Instagram. With hashtags, comments, captions, and direct messages, the two platforms may even seem too similar. 

However, in contrast with Instagram (and a few other social networks) Pingster:

  • Doesn’t have any form of paid marketing
  • Has virtually no competition between businesses
  • Doesn’t prioritize follower count
  • Automatically adds geo locations to photos
  • Prioritizes photos based on location proximity
  • Offers in-app coupon creation
  • Actually feels like a community

From a real estate perspective, Pingster is the perfect platform for social media marketing. Small businesses have a completely equal chance of success as larger ones, and “promoting” is as simple as posting photos. 

Literally, that’s it. You don’t have to:

    • Flood captions with hashtags
    • Implement any SEO
    • Worry about researching and marketing to your target audience
    • Waste time following other accounts
    • Pay

What you have to do to market real estate on Pingster

  1. Create an account here for Apple users or here for Android users
  2. Add a business account to your personal account either within the app or on Pingster’s website here. Add your website, a mini description, and contact info as well.
  3. Upload a photo of a real estate property. Make the caption however long and informative as you’d like. And a hashtag like #realestate wouldn’t hurt either!
  4. Post whenever!

After that, Pingster does all the work for you. The platform automatically displays your photos to nearby users.

So even if they don’t click through to your website, at least now they know who you and your brand are.

And if you really want to maximize your marketing potential, be sure to create coupons using the in-app coupon builder. 

You design the image, upload to with a title, expiration date, and description, and leave it there for users to redeem. 

Final Thoughts

It’s that simple. Pingster makes sure users find you as long as you’re sharing content.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get your real estate agency the exposure it deserves. And the perfect time to do your happy dance.

Pingster Username: cierrasmith
Pingster Display Name: Cultured Simplicity
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