What to do when you can’t travel?

Wanderlust, defined by Oxford Languages as a strong desire to travel, is something that plagues even devout homebodies.

Prior to Covid19, wanderlust may have been referred to as travel addiction… but now? It’s gone back to its root of simply lusting over the thought of travel.

Who would’ve known we’d ever live to see a time where literally traveling anywhere poses a health risk? Even as Covid19 numbers go down, and certain countries are cleared of all cases, there’s still a good chance that foreigners aren’t welcome.

None of us have any concrete idea on how long travel restrictions are going to last, so we’re going to have to make the best of the wait. 

Typically, wanderlust isn’t a bad thing. Afterall, studies have shown that people who spend their money on experiences, such as travel tend to be happier in their life.


However, when travel lovers don’t keep their hedophilia (meaning “love of travel” in check, day-to-day local life can really start to feel unfulfilling.

Good news for all wanderlusters is that the world isn’t going anywhere. (Once we got past 2012, we knew it was here to stay.)

And despite the limits on in person travel, this isn’t 1920 and you have access to a wonderful thing called the Internet. There are people in virtually every crevice of the globe snapping and posting photos.

You just have to know where to find said real-time global photos.

Why digital travel is so effective for wanderlust

With social media, you don’t even have to settle for 2010s’ photos.

Just because you can’t physically be at some grand travel location doesn’t mean you have to miss out on everything

According to Virtuoso,

  • Learning
  • Expanding one’s perspective
  • Appreciating life
  • & Escaping

are among the main reasons that people travel.

With “discovering new cultures” being at the top of the lists of many travel addicts. News flash– you can learn all about the world around you without setting foot outside your door.

Virtual sightseeing is a lot more exciting, diverse, and extensive than ever before. So yes, you can totally learn, expand your perspective, appreciate life, and escape by taking a grand trip around your device. 


Did you know that 90% of travelers use apps to get around when visiting a foreign country (Modern Gentlemen)? So, a large part of in-person traveling also involves sticking your face in your phone. 

And with 41% of people saying that personal finances are the number one reason they haven’t traveled anywhere for pleasure, rest assured that virtual travel gets rid of that limit. 

Saving money and time is always a win in our books. With social media, you can even gain the valuable element of personal interaction you likely wouldn’t have gotten by traveling somewhere in person. 

Whether or not you want to admit it, speaking with a lot of foreign locals during a week-long trip is surprisingly challenging. It’s virtually impossible if you don’t know their language or they don’t speak yours.

At least with social media, you can copy and paste to your heart’s desire into translation tools. And with other virtual travel sources, you can likely view the whole page in your own language.


Maximizing social media for wanderlusts

Fortunately, today most social platforms have some form of visual element.

Unfortunately, most don’t force users to mention or tag the location of where their photo was taken. 

So you could see a photo of the most beautiful crystal clear beach in the world, and not even know where to locate such a natural beauty. In all actuality, it’s possibly worse to view a gorgeous landmark and not know where it is than to not ever see it in the first place. 

So that basically gets rid of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat, TikTok, LinkedIn, and… well, all of them right?

Nope. There’s one left. Pingster.

This obscure social network is quite literally a hidden gem.

  • Not only are you able to instantly connect with travel lovers all over the world, but you’re able to view gorgeous photos and addresses.
  • Photos are displayed by proximity to your current location, so even if you can’t travel to another continent, you’ll at least be aware of your own local treasures.
  • Each photo has to be geotagged with a location. Then all you have to do is click the green location symbol next to the post, and Google Maps instantly opens– displaying distance in time and miles. 
  • In true Wanderlust fashion, you can save all your favorite location posts for later. Keep them as an ongoing travel bucket list, or your sanity source for when your wanderlust goes overboard.

And don’t worry; Pingster is free with no hidden fees. You’ll even find coupons for local businesses depending on your location. (Meaning that you can also share yours, if you happen to own a business!)

You’ll find travelers of all ages and backgrounds all united by an incessant wanderlust. Plus you’ll be delighted to see that all photos were taken and posted in 2020 and beyond.

Final Thoughts

Talk about a one-of-a-kind real-time travel experience!  

Pingster is available on desktop, Android, and Apple, though the mobile experience is superior to pingster.info.

So what’s the quickest way to cure wanderlust? Join the Pingster community and find out for yourself.

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