Melaka Malaysia

The historical city of Malaysia, and formerly known as Malacca, Melaka is a place you want to add to your bucket list. From the rich historical buildings to the beautiful landmarks and colonial structures, there are six reasons why you should put Melaka on your travel list (well more but we are discussing six). 

With the British, Dutch and Portuguese imprints, it is an incredible cultural experience. You will definitely get more than you paid for in this city! 

So, let’s explore why you should visit! 


1. European inspired

As mentioned, Melaka has a very big Portuguese but also Dutch influence! So a lot of their buildings and architecture is very European. Throughout the city, you will see imprints of the European style, especially in the forts, towers, churches and museums! Even the channels throughout the city can look similar to the ones you will see in Amsterdam! 

Melaka Malaysia

2. The amazing seafood

Melaka is right on the water, so of course, they deliver with the amazing seafood! Also because they have a huge Portuguese influence, the food is a little bit different than the other food you would normally get in Malaysia. Go down to the water for an amazing seafood feast!!

3. Drive around in style

In Melaka, you can really ride around in style with the decked out tuk-tuks they have on offer! Don’t know what a tuk-tuk is? See more about them here! But if you are in Melaka you can ride around in ones that have music going, fairy lights – all of the things! When I went I rode around in a pink Hello Kitty tuk-tuk, it was SO much fun! They are a great way to get around and see the sights of Melaka! 

Melaka Malaysia

4. The oldest city in Malaysia

Melaka is the oldest city in Malaysia!! How cool is that! It was established in 1403 by a Malay Hindu sultan, so you know there is LOADS of history here, which is so exciting. Learn about Melaka’s history by visiting this beautiful city. 

5. Beautiful tourist attractions

From the beautiful old churches to the forts, there are so many beautiful tourist attractions within the city, and of course, with all the history you are bound to learn so much! 

6. Markets

Similar to Kuala Lumpur, Melaka also is known for market life! They even have a market that runs, called Jonker Street Night Market and can be a very interesting experience! You will see some things in this market that might shock you (including the ability to buy little pet snakes and spiders), but you can also buy a lot of souvenirs and mementoes. 

Final Thoughts

What do you think?  Will you be heading to Melaka!! Follow my pictures by following me “Content Queen” on Pingster

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