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Singapore, located in SouthEast Asia might be one of the smallest countries in the world, but it definitely isn’t the cheapest!

So how can you travel to Singapore without breaking the bank? 

For those who haven’t been to Singapore, it can be an expensive trip with your average alcoholic drink costing between $12 – $20. But, fun fact, their duty-free alcohol is cheap! This is due to the tax they put on their alcohol. 


Here is how you can save some money in Singapore

Eat at Hawker Halls

  • What is a hawker hall?

  • A hawker hall is a food centre, like a food court

  • Which is most commonly found in Singapore.

It hosts a range of food stalls with a range of local and other Asian cuisines. This is where you will find very cheap and very tasty food! Find the best ones here

Stay a bit out of the city – it is only small

  • Singapore is one of the 20 smallest countries in the world.

  • It is only 682.7 square kilometres

  • Which is around 15,000 times smaller than the United States

So to save some money, stay a little further out of the city! Accommodation in Singapore can be expensive if you don’t do your research!


Drink spirits, not beer

  • If you do want to drink alcohol while travelling in Singapore

  • It is actually often cheaper to drink spirits over beer

In Singapore most of the locals drink spirits over beer, making it a little cheaper.


Don’t shop on Orchard Road, go to the markets

  • Singapore is known as one of the hottest shopping destinations in Asia

  • They host a lot of designer labels, you will almost see more Louis Vuittons than you will McDonald’s!

So if you want to shop a little cheaper, head to the markets in Chinatown and Little India!


Buy your attraction tickets online

  • If you want to go to the tickets for any attractions, look online before buying on site

If you want to go to the tickets for any attractions, look online before buying on site. Places like the Singapore Zoo offer discounted tickets if you buy them online before going! 

Don’t break the rules

  • You might think we are joking, BUT Singapore is a VERY clean city

  • You will never see an old car on the streets and you will feel very safe

  • But this is because they have very strict rules. Some of these rules will see you with a fine if you break them

Chewing gum, eating snacks and drinking is not allowed on any public transport, that is a fine!

Electronic cigarettes and “vaping” are illegal. You are not allowed to spit or litter AND feeding pigeons in the park can see you get a S$500 fine.

If you don’t believe us, read here

Final thoughts

Singapore truly is a beautiful country! Don’t let the price turn you off! The best thing about Singapore is you can spend a beautiful week there and see and do nearly everything! But the best thing is, you could go back and ever be bored! 

The country is very innovative and very inspiring, you will be in awe the whole time! 

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