Tasmania, Australia in the Winter!

What? Winter!

… Hear me out though!

Tasmania in Australia is almost like the forgotten child. You know that island that broke off the bottom? Yes, well although it is one of Australia’s coldest destinations, it is also a beautiful place to explore in Winter!

Travel Tasmania in winter

So, why should you travel Tasmania in the winter?

Let me show/tell you why!! But when I went, it was during the winter months and although it was fresh, gosh it was so beautiful and SO much fun! The next thing about Tasmania, it is so small, road trips are EASY!! 

Dark Mofo

This is a winter festival unlike ANY other! Held in the city of Hobart, Dark Mofo is all about celebrating the dark and ancient pagan rituals, but is a fun and exciting way! Dark Mofo is all about music, art, food and film, which explore the links between modern and ancient mythology of dark and light, birth and death! Sounds crazy, but it is super cool and a great experience! 


MONA is the Museum of Old and New Art, but you don’t need to be an art lover to enjoy it! It is a truly interesting experience, one I would not recommend being hungover for (Hobart has great alcohol too). You can get the ferry to MONA, which is a great experience as well! The best thing about MONA is the nice wine bars with cheese and local Tasmanian produce, so good and very worth it! 


Cosy restaurants and bars

Tasmania is great for wine, cheese and all types of local produce. They also have amazing restaurants and bars that are so cosy and inviting in the winter months! Some of the bars/restaurants I recommend in Hobart include:

Travel Tasmania in winter

Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington is the mountain known to Hobart! When you hit the top you will see the most amazing view of the city! Although cold in the winter months, they have been known to get snow up there, which is a beautiful experience!

Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain is another famous Mountain to Tasmania. The mountain is situated in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park where there is SO much to see and do! They also have beautiful lodges and accommodation.


Tassie (this is what Australian’s call Tasmania) is known for beautiful road trips! If you want some more inspiration on the amazing road trips in Tasmania, make sure you check out this blog article!

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Chocolate festivals

Who doesn’t LOVE a chocolate market?! Well in winter, Latrobe (Northern Tasmania) has the Chocolate Winterfest! AMAZING, do I need to say more?


Tasmania offer loads of weekend markets, especially in the Winter! One of the best is in the Salamanca Market!! Plus this area with or without a market is incredible! So good food, amazing shops and all that fun stuff!!

Final thoughts

Hobart is so beautiful! Especially in Winter, and to be fair, it isn’t overly hot in Summer anyway! Winter brings so many events and honestly, there is nothing better than a nice wine, some cheese and a beautiful wood fire!! 

Tasmania isn’t like the other states of Australia, but you will be pleasantly surprised with its’ beauty and how much there is to see! Add it to your list, even get the boat from Melbourne instead of flying – what an experience! Are you ready to travel to Tasmania in the winter now? 

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