Mariah’s Journey

Ohh boy I know we can’t wait to get back out there and travel!! I know I am so excited to start my journey again traveling the world. Who am I you ask? My name is Mariah, and I am a traveller and entrepreneur from Australia, but you will know me as;

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As part of my travels, I am partnering up with Pingster to show you not only how to get the most out of the amazing places in the world, but to see how Pingster can help you do that! 

Every two weeks, I will share with you a new journey and a new place as I take on the world, country by country and city by city. 

So please follow me and be inspired to travel when you can! 

Okay, what can you expect? I will show you the highlights of the places I have been so far. I will give you the tips you need and on my Pingster profile, will share with you the best photos. This way you can visit the exact places I have been!

Fun fact – Pingster is your own little travel guide! When you see an image you like, all you have to do is click on the location pin, and it will take you STRAIGHT THERE! I know this is going to be life-changing for me when I do start my journey! 

Make sure you download the Pingster app, follow my travels AND make your own profile! That way, you can also share your travel stories and be your own travel blogger!


How it started!

Before I go, I want to share my first experiences with travel! So I went on my first overseas trip when I was 19. I went to Thailand and Singapore with my partner at the time and his family, from that moment on, I was addicted! 

While studying at University, I took it on myself to commit to one overseas trip per year! Well, I definitely got carried away and since then have been to over 25 countries (and counting). I am also a former travel blogger – yasss starting back up again – and had my own weekly travel blog before putting it aside to start my own business. 

Anyway, my dream for the next three years is to be a digital nomad, which will be my reality once it is safe to do so! Until then, I will still be sending you stories on the places I have explored so far! So tune in, ask any questions about the destinations I have travelled to, follow me on Pingster AND follow the Pingster on any social media platforms for more travel updates. 

Until next time, keep dreaming of your next adventure! 

Content Queen

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