Where to find current travel inspo from home

Stuck at home? Bored at home? You’re not alone. Everyone’s struggling, to different degrees with the impacts of Covid-19, and it’s no secret that quarantine has really taken a toll on social lives.

Stuck indoors and facing travel restrictions like never before, those with a desire to see the world are feeling particularly dejected.

Seasoned venturers know that traveling ends up shaping one’s character much more than most assume and being denied that experience is devastating.

However, at the end of day, health and safety should always prevail over our innate desire to travel. Prioritizing your own health is also prioritizing the health of everyone around you.

As the old English idiom goes: “you can’t have your cake and eat it too.” You can either travel to your heart’s desire or help protect both yourself and those in your life from the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, you can’t have both.

But you can get pretty dang close.


Pingster for quarantine travelers

Pingster makes it possible for you to explore the world in real time from the eyes of fellow travelers. Pingster’s photo database is so modern that every photo you see is from late 2020 and beyond. 

The social platform is a perfect space for bored at-home “travel missing” people to reconnect with the world around them. Every photo posted is instantly shared with Pingster’s intimate travel-loving online community and given its own spot on Pingster’s interactive map.

You can either go straight to the map by clicking on the third icon at the top of Pingster’s in-app home feed or click the green location icon present on each post. View the map directly to get a broad shot of all the locations other users are visiting without having to deal with the overwhelm of photos.


Navigating Pingster’s Interactive Map

Big circles present on the map inform you of how many photos were taken in a certain state, city, or town. Click those circles to ‘zoom in’ to either smaller more location-specific circles containing less photos or to view the exact locations of the photos, as listed in Google Maps, once zoomed as far as you can go.

Click those exact locations (being sure to click the name, not the red location icon) to view the photo that was taken there, and take note of the date and user. Both could be useful if you’d like to know more about visiting.

Beyond the locations alone, you can even click the green location icon on a post to instantly open directions in Google Maps. You’ll see whichever routes are available and how long it would take you to reach that photo’s location. Pretty cool right?


As long as you allow both Pingster and Google Maps to access your location, you’ll have a seamless experience digitally navigating to new spots. 

Pingster’s geo features make it the best digital tool for garnering practical, realistic travel inspiration. All photos are recent so you’ll have a solid idea of which places are okay to visit and what they’re looking like, as long as you exclude any #throwbacks.

Final Thoughts

2021 doesn’t have to be a repeat of the unexpectedly sad travel life most of us had in 2020. Unconventional travel experiences still count. And we can’t think of a better time than now to cross over to the digital side.

Pingster Username: cierrasmith
Pingster Display Name: Cultured Simplicity