Everyone wants a really cool vintage tee-shirts these days. But either they can be ridiculously expensive or pretty trashy. The other day I stumbled upon an amazing shop in Provincetown tucked away from the summer tourists in a small alley. They were selling all sorts of vintage clothes with one of the best vintage tee shirt collections I’ve ever encountered! The price range was anywhere from $12 to $25 which for Rolling Stones, Ramones, Livingston Roundup 1976, Evil Knievel Rocket Fueled Snake Canyon Jump and much more is fractions what you’d pay on Newbury Street or the Village. There were a couple people browsing and buying but not as many as you would figure. Likely because most people don’t even know it exists. They should! They would if a patron just puts it on Pingstertrade;. Every place in the world has a story. Pingstertrade; lets people discover them.trade;