Privacy Statement

Today’s social media has made people hesitant due to their abuses in user privacy and data integrity.  We believe that transparency builds trust and you have a right to know what data we collect and how we use it.  Keeping with the spirit of transparency and trust, we are outlining our privacy policy in the plainest of terms.

At this time, gathering of your personal user information is minimal and will be used solely for internal metric data for fundraising purposes. Your data will not be sold, marketed, to any other business agent. In accepting Pingster’s terms and conditions you are agreeing to these privacy conditions which will also include your email being included in our newsletters.  Information sent to you will contain updates on the app. You can unsubscribe to our emails at anytime. We believe in a human’s right to privacy and will do our best to not only protect yours but keep you informed of relevant changes to our policy.

What We Do

Pingster is GPS, navigation photo-sharing mobile app.  Media, uploaded to Pingster will automatically be geotagged at the location where it was taken and is public and searchable by people everywhere.

In the days of heightened privacy awareness, Pingster does not record nor share your personal location. And, will only display nearby geotagged media to your cell phone.  We store media, (images and videos) and never a user’ s location.  After you take the picture and walk away, you are no longer associated with that GPS location.

In plain terms, if you have media that was taken in a sensitive location such as your home  and you want to keep this location private then don’t upload this media on Pingster.  Pingster uses Google Maps to automatically calculate the approximate location of any uploaded media. Just be aware of this especially if your Pingster username uses your real or full name. We advise you to consider this prior to uploading any media.

You Keep Control

Users maintain ultimate control of their information.  You will be able to add and delete images and videos from your user profile. When registering for the app, there are some personal data fields which are optional.  Creating a Pingster account requires some personal information such as your email address, phone number, and birth date. This is used to make your account secure, however you can deactivate your account at any time.

Private Profiles

Pingster offers users a private profile option. User’s can set Social Enable equal to Off, this means you disable all social communication in the app. You will not be able to comment or chat with any other user in the app.  However, Pingsters users will still be able to like, favorite and report your media from your profile. This feature is designed for users that are not interested in participating in Pingster’s social media experience, but still want to share their visual experiences by geotagging images around the world.

Personalized Experience

Information you share with us is used only to enhance your Pingster experience.. This information is never sold nor shared.  If you have questions about this policy, how we collect or process your personal data, or anything else related to our privacy practices, we want to hear from you. You can contact us at any time.