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Pingster’s™  Affiliate Program

Help us build our new social media community. Pingster is a GPS, Navigational, Photosharing mobile app. Become an influencer by using “GPS Power” instead of “Star Power”.  Upload your favorite images and create positive social and economic impact throughout your local community and the world. 

Pingster’s GPS Platform connects consumers directly to brick and mortar retail, food, entertainment, any type of business establishment.

  • Pingster merges the Visual Image with a Pin-Point Geo-Location.
  • Delivering Geotagged images to nearby mobile devices, Pingster offers users a venue for Exploration and Discovery.
  • The idea is to share (Your – Special Places, Activities, Nature, Food) , anything that you think others would like to see, experience, and even visit.

Here is How it Works

“Wow that image looks amazing! I want to go there”. Whether in your neighborhood or abroad on vacation, Pingster connects People to Your Photos that you love AND the locations of those photos.

  • Download Pingster and Create a Profile.  It’s Free!
  • Start building your User Profile by uploading creative images (Visual Experiences).
  • Every spot in the World can have YOUR STORY .
  • This is your own Virtual Scrapbook that records the Places where you were.
  • Describe what you did and Why these Places  are special to you.
  • These Geotagged images will automatically display in nearby users home feeds and link to our Affiliate Program.

After 10 images are uploaded to a specific brick and mortar place of business, it will automatically generate a business profile at that location.  This (unclaimed) business profile will link back to those users that provide those initial images. Once the App monetizes these links will turn into rewards.  If you supplied 1 out of the 10 images for a generated profile, then the value of your affiliate link will be 1/10 of a reward.  If you supply 10 images that generate a new (unclaimed) business profile you with have 1 link reward. All images that are used to generate a business profile must meet our terms or service and must be of high quality. The most important focus for affiliates is to build your User Profile and get those image linked to generate an (unclaimed) Business Profile. There will be more information about the reward structure down the road.

(Images must meet a certain criteria to qualify for the affiliate program.  They must have a Place Name and a Description in the Image Record (which can include #hashtags). Duplicate Images uploaded from the same user are not allowed when generating an (unclaimed) business profile and will be disqualified as a linked affiliate image.

Pingster is like the fusion of Instagram, Google Maps and Search all in one


Pingster™ and local New England businesses join forces

Pingster™ is working with local New England businesses in a collaborative effort to offer their patrons and our users discounts and incentives to their establishments. Restaurants, Sports Activities, Retail, Entertainment, Services and Events.

In downtowns throughout this country, whether you are in New York City or in Kansas City you see a troubling site, stores out of business.  The convenience of online shopping has adversely affected the brick and mortar business. Pingster promises to be a new tool to highlight existing brick and mortar stores that will bring consumers to these store’s doors.

There is NO COST TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT AND USE PINGSTER.  The goal is increasing foot traffic and sales into your brick and mortar locations and to grow the user base for Pingster™.


No Costs to the Establishment

Our team will work with you to assist you in setting up your business profile – If you are a business and want to try out this new social media photosharing platform and need help getting started contact us.

The goal is increasing foot traffic and sales into your brick and mortar locations and to increase the user base for Pingster™.

The goal is to increase your discovery of new, cool places at the same time offering local business discounts and bargains.

Pingster™ is a revolutionary GPS-based photo-video sharing app recently launched for iOS and available in the Apple App Store (iTunes). Pingster™ shares photos uploaded by other users. Pingster physically navigates users (on their mobile device) to actual real locales or venues (maybe a local restaurant, sporting location running a great promotion or even a hidden scenic place like a waterfall that only the locals know about).

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