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Connect Local Businesses to Consumers

GPS coupons positively impact the economy by giving businesses online GPS targeted advertising.  GPS Coupons are seen by local users within a 20 mile radius. A GPS coupon is a discount incentive that local businesses offer to consumers. Consumers like discounts; Businesses create incentivized coupons; Customers claim and redeem them.  GPS Coupons use augmented reality and will navigate customers to your store doors.  Coupons are generated on the App’s Website. Here is a  video tutorial on how to create a GPS coupon.

How Is It Done

The technology connects user’s cell phones to discount GPS coupons on a local map.  The address of the coupons are the address of the business, who posts them.  Users view and claim coupons. Using the app, users navigate to the coupon’s address and redeem the bargain.

Learn All About GPS Coupons – Video Tutorials

Business Coupon

Pizza Market - Business Coupon

Local GPS Map / Business Profile

Other Features


Our goal is to change the social media paradigm by connecting everyone with equal influence, eliminating the popularity contest and the marketing algorithms. Building a community on trust and based on GPS Power and not Star Power.


Explore the most beautiful landscape you ever saw or the most delicious looking meal you could eat. Pingster takes you there in a single, integrated mobile app. Discover and navigate to images across the globe, with a Treasure Hunt feel.


Share your visual experience by marking the location with your unique memory. Contribute by uploading those special places, activities, nature, food, that are meaningful and special to you. Every spot in the world can have Your Story.


In the days of heightened privacy awareness, we display nearby geo-tagged images to user’s mobile devices and never your personal location. Images can be instantly uploaded using the app camera or later using stored images from the gallery.


Sharing your images on Pingster is like a phones gallery on steroids. Creating a Virtual Scrapbook so you never forget those special memories and at the same time sharing them with the world. Pingster automatically stores the Geotag coordinates, Place Name and Description of your image memory. Never lose track of any image in your profile you can search images by keywords.


Generate a Time Lapse Continuum for any spot in the world, by clicking the White Bulls-eye, located on the left side of radial distance red dial in the home feed. This triggers a time lapse sequence for that specific latitude and longitude GPS location, where you are physically standing. Thus, connecting you to the experiences of others before you.


Recording image latitude and longitude GPS coordinates and adding location check-Ins and descriptions have never been so easy. The GPS Power of Pingster will group all Related Images. Sharing your image stories will automatically be associated with other user image stories from that same location, when searching these places in Advanced Search.


Be a silent contributor in a social networking community without having to be in the spot light. People who shy away from social media due to Privacy concerns can still participate by sharing their stories, by disabling Social Enable. This shuts off Commenting and Chatting and prevents direct communication within the social community.

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