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Our Technology

“Wow that Scenery looks amazing! I want to go there.”

Whether you are in your neighbourhood at home or looking up activities on vacation, Pingster connects you to those nearby visual experiences that interest you and will provide a direct navigation to that exact location.




Users contribute by uploading those special places, activities, nature, food, anything that you think others would like to see, experience or visit. People who shy away from social media due to the exposure can now participate in sharing their visual experiences, by disabling “Social Enable”, shuts off Commenting and Chatting but still acknowledges Image Likes and Favorites.


Pingster allows users to discover and navigate to image visuals across the globe, with a “Treasure Hunt” feel. Whether you are viewing the most beautiful mountain landscape you have ever saw or the most delicious looking meal you could ever eat, Pingster can take you there in a single, non-stop, integrated mobile app.


The visual experiences that one encounters while using Pingster ultimately depends upon the creativity and participation of all the users in our social network. Pingster is a photosharing social media app. Become an influencer on Pingster, by posting amazing images. Is all about being at the right place at the right time and snapping that picture that creates impact. On Pingster you can be as public or as private as you want.


In the days of heightened privacy awareness, Pingster will only display nearby geo-tagged images to close by mobile devices and never your personal location. After you take the picture and walk away you are no longer associated with that location.

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