CodeIgniter Web Services

Why your business may need CodeIgniter Development Services?

CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. The CodeIgniter framework provides a developer with the basic structure that helps in agile and robust web application development. PHP frameworks help to implement coding standards and procedures for web app development which streamlines the entire process and ensures the safety of the application. It further facilitates RAD (rapid application development) that aids with faster time to market product and reduces time and efforts significantly.

CodeIgniter RESTful Web Services

We provide to our clients RESTful web services in codeigniter, It is also known as restful API’s. With these restful API’s, we exchange the data from different application to other various platforms. For the data exchange process, we need to integrate these API’s into codeigniter.

Features Of Codeigniter Web Development Services

1. Framework with a small footprint

2. Codeigniter Database Error Handling

3. Strong security with Codeigniter Security Library

4. Simple solutions over complexity with
    Codeigniter Coding Standards

Why to choose us as your Codeigniter Web Development Company?

7+ years of experience in Web development and have specific team who build web based applications in CodeIgniter PHP frameworks only.

You can get high level of technical expertise in Codeigniter web services.

24/7 support available. You can ask any query related to the development.

Known for completing the assigned tasks in the given time frame.

Affordable costs and 100% transparency in work.

We also provide customer support and maintenance services.

Final project is handed over to you by double testing the code so that it doesn’t contain any bug which create problems afterwards.

After completion of project we provide free support for 20 days so that you can get solution instantly.

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