What is Node.js ?

Simply put, Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment, which means it includes everything that a user needs to execute a program written in JavaScript. Since Node.js run on a V8 JavaScript runtime engine which promptly takes JS code and convert into faster machine code.

Advantages of Node.js

With Node.js no need to worry about low-level protocol user can truly build real-time web applications in an expeditious manner. Furthermore, its event-driven architecture purveys to both clients as well as server side which is written in JavaScript.

Real-time web application

As Node allows developers to use JavaScript for both the server and client side, it makes it extremely convenient to transport data between both sides. The data changes appear instantly on the web pages, which makes the whole process simply astounding.

Ease of Use

Besides its core capabilities Node supports a huge open-source community that already have delivered many exceptional modules, to name a dominant one. It is a module that takes care of constant communication between the client and the server, leading to real-time updates to the users. So with Node.js one can be assured of scalability.

Vast Community

Service we provide with Node.js

We really appreciate the beauty of Node.js and find it ideal for building real-time apps. To pinpoint you in the right direction, the following are the services that we can help you with.

  • Node.js API development
  • Node.js Plugin development
  • Website Development
  • App Integration and Deployment
  • Node.js application development