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Progressive Web Apps

We have an experienced team of over a 50 dedicated mobile app developers and UI designers housed in a facility with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Besides extensive experience in developing Progressive Web Applications (PWA) , you may have more than a few doubts regarding PWAs such as what are PWAs? How PWAs work? What is the future of PWAs? I’ll clear all your doubts in this blog, and this is going to be a great read. So, let’s start with…

Progressive Web Apps Development

  • A seperate PWA Development Lab

    Dcube is one of the few software firms in the world that has a separate team of certified developers and a development lab for PWAs

  • Strong analytic and development skills

    We have a lot of experience in XHTML , CSS, JavaScript, DHTML and AJAX development. Expertise on the Java Platform gives us a definite advantage.

  • Integrated process

    Dcube provides a complete and integrated process for building PWAs.

  • Cost-effective development

    Dcube has its own global delivery center in Asia which means lower development costs for you.

  • Fast time to market

    Our turnaround time is one of the fastest globally

  • Quality certifications

    We are an SEI-CMM level 3 company and are also ISO 9001:2008 certified.

  • Process driven

    We follow a stringent development process and methodology resulting in a high quality product

Benefits of PWA


A PWA works on any device and enhances progressively, leveraging features of the user’s device and the browser.>

Can be searched

A Progressive Web App is actually a website and can be ‘discovered’ by search engines - a huge advantage over Native applications.


Can use the URL to indicate the current state of the application. This will allow the web app to indicate its state when the user bookmarks or shares the app’s URL.

Responsive design

A Progressive Web App’s UI will adapt to the device’s screen size. It will display optimally no matter what the form of the device.

App-like behavior

A Progressive Web App looks like a Native app and is built on the application shell model, with minimal page refreshes. It is fast-loading and light.

Can work without

PWA can work in places with low connectivity and offline-the biggest advantage!

Engages users

Progressive web apps keep users engaged and re-using apps since they have features like push notifications.

Installable on home

A PWA can be installed on the device’s home screen, making it readily accessible.

Updated Content

When new content is published and the user is connected to the Internet, that content is updated in the app.